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Rev. Michael E. Mitchell, Jr. 


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Sis. Lena Simpson

Women's Auxillary President

Leadership: Team Members
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Rev. Patrick Harding
1st Vice Moderator

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Rev. Nathaniel Harris
2nd Vice Moderator

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Rev. Troy Bradley
3rd Vice Moderator

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Rev. Julius Demps
4th Vice Moderator

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Rev. David Merrick
Executive Board Chairman

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Rev. Quintin Woods Sr.
Congress of Christian Education


Ontavius McCullough
 Min. Media & Innovation
Tel: 407-406-2338

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Rev. Wendell Raulerson
Northend Union President


Rev. Steve A. Brock
Southend Union President

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Deacon Amos Nelson
Laymen's President

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Rev. Pete Carter
Director of Finance

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Rev. Jeffery Robinson
Bible Expositor

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Rev. Michael Hemphill
District Evangelist

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Sis. Cheryl A. Brooks
District Dean of Christian Education

Leadership: Testimonials
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Sis. Jestine Demps
Personal Assistant to Women's President

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Sis. Angela Brown
Finance Clerk / Financial Secretary

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Sis. Ambrosia Neal
Assistant Treasurer

Leadership: About
Leadership: Team Members
Leadership: Testimonials
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Sis. Yvonne Minus
Recording Secretary

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Sis. Emma Brown
Corresponding Secretary

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Sis. Virginia Bell
Moderator Secretary

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Sis. Anointed Jacobs
Youth Moderator Assistant

Leadership: About
Leadership: Team Members
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