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The history of the Mt. Zion North East Coast District Association is taken from the Tenth Souvenir Program held at the Friendship Baptist Church, Daytona Beach, Florida, the Rev. Lawrence, Pastor; October 14-17, 1926.

The ministers in session in Ft. Pierce, Florida on October 1, 1916, voted to divide the District into two equal parts or divisions because of the distance some had to travel for a meeting. This was done prayerfully in harmony and love.

Original Churches of Mt. Zion

Macedonia | Melbourne, FL

St. James | Eau Gallie, FL

St. James | Mims, FL

Mt. Carmel | City Point, FL

St. Paul | Deer Park, FL

St. Martha | Oak Hill, FL

First Baptist | Volusia, FL

First Baptist | Port Orange, FL

Mt. Calvary | New Smyrna Beach, FL

Oak Grove | Tomoka, FL

First Baptist | Arrial

St. Peters Baptist | Gifford, FL

St. Paul | Lake Helen

Union Baptist | Deland, FL

New Mt. Zion | Daytona, FL

Friendship | Daytona, FL

Mt. Moriah | Hopkins, FL

St. John | Ormond, FL

This information was provided by the Tenth Annual Souvenir Program of 1926.



These pioneers in their moments of doubt heard the still voice saying "Go Forward," prayerfully and patiently they pressed onward. They had visions and saw a day such as we no enjoy. They had the courage and use obstacles and division as stepping stones to reach their goal...

Let us, The Mt. Zion North East Coast Baptist District Association, renew their breed; we owe them more than we can pay with whines of fear. Almighty God, renew in us the spirit of humility of the Pioneers.

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